Calendar Import

This dialog allows users to initiate the import of calendar data from external sources into BitPim, set filtering parameters, preview the data items being imported, and save the data into BitPim. Currently, BitPim supports importing calendar events from either Outlook or vCalendar data source.


Browse: Select the data source from which to import calendar data.

Import: Import calendar data from the specified external source into the preview dialog.

Replace All: Discard current BitPim calendar data and replace them with the preview data.

Add: Add the preview data to existing BitPim calendar data. This may cause duplicate events.

Merge: Bring up the Calendar Merge dialog.

Cancel: Discard the preview data and close this dialog.

Filter: Bring up the Filter Setting Dialog.

Help: Bring up this dialog.

Import Filter Parameters

This dialog allows users to set various filtering paramters to tailor/limit the amount of import data. Individual parameters can be enabled or disabled by checking and unchecking their corresponding checkboxes. Furthermore, those parameters must be enabled to adjust their values.

Start Date: Inclusive starting date of the periodic during which active calendar events would be imported.

End Date: Inclusive ending dat of the periodic during which active calendar events would be imported.

Preset Duration: Select one of 3 preset durations: This Week, This Month, This Year, or Next 7 Days. The Preset Duration starts from today and lasts through the end of the week, month, year, or the next 7 days. This parameter takes precedence over the Start Date and End Date parameter.

Repeat Events: Import/translate repeat events into multiple single events. This feature is useful for phones that do not support repeat events natively.

Disable All Alarms: Turn off the alarms of all events being imported.

Use Alarm Settings From Calender: Import as-is settings from source data.

Set Alarm On All Events: Turn on the alarms of all events being imported.

Alarm Vibrate: Enable phone vibrate with alarm for all events.

Alarm Ringtone: Select an alarm ringtone for all events.

Alert Before: Set alarm to go off X minutes before the event start time.

Categories: Define the categories against which calendar events must match to be imported.

OK: Save the settings and close this dialog.

Cancel: Discard the settings and close this dialog.

BitPim Online Help built 17 January 2010