Contributing to BitPim

You can contribute to BitPim in various ways. Any program can always be improved, so I welcome your improvements. Here are some examples.


No financial contributions are accepted for BitPim. If you really would like to do something financial, then I recommend loaning a phone (you can get them on eBay) or contributing to charity. Two areas I suggest are charities that help people get a better education and ones that campaign on behalf of political prisoners worldwide.

We will however accept sponsorship of BitPim developers or of major features. Please contact if you would like to sponsor BitPim.

As a user

If you think something in the program could be done in a better way, post a message about it to the bitpim-user mailing list. Remember to include how you think it could be better.

You can also help out other users who post to various forums to make their experience better. Don't forget to supply feedback to bitpim-user. The goal is to have BitPim so perfect that there is no need for online documentation or for anyone to ever ask any questions :-)

As a developer

If you have technical skills, the best contribution you can make is some of your time. Please see the developer site for more information.

Loaning phones

It is a lot easier to develop support for a phone if the developers have one. We appreciate loans of phones. You will be credited in the online help, and the phone will be returned whenever you want it back. It is best if we can keep the phone indefinitely as that allows us to ensure the phone supports new features of BitPim as they get developed over time. The phones do not need to have an associated plan - we switch our own plans over to them if it is needed. eBay is a good source of phones, and you may want to pool together with other people who want the same phone supported.

Please contact if you have a phone you want to loan.

As a retailer

You can loan equipment to BitPim developers. You will be credited in the help and on the website for your equipment loan. Please note that the BitPim developers do not enter into affiliations and do not do deals to get hidden kickbacks.


We list the cables we have that work with each phone. If you would like your cable added, you need to send one to at least one of the developers (see the contacts). They will also be returned on request but at your expense. You should package it up exactly as purchasers get it. It is especially important that the same drivers are available. You should also state how you support all three operating systems - Windows, Linux and Mac.

BitPim Online Help built 17 January 2010