You can subscribe to the mailing lists or view the archives from SourceForge often has issues with the archives being out of date so they are also available at Gmane. (Note that you cannot post at Gmane).

You must be subscribed to a list to post to it. This is for two reasons. The first is that if you are not subscribed, it is very difficult to see any responses. The second reason is due to the huge number of viruses that spread to everything in people's address books. This policy prevents those posts getting through and keeps the mailing lists a lot cleaner, including keeping out spam.

If you get a message held because you are not subscribed it is because you were not subscribed at the time of sending the message. Subsequently subscribing doesn't change the earlier message which will still get rejected (a human logs in every few days and just rejects all messages since it would take way too long to check if each person has since subscribed).

Note that the From address in your posts must be the same as you subscribed with (that is how it can tell the posting is from a subscribed user.) If you want to post from multiple ids, you can subscribe them all and then turn off email delivery to them in your subscription options.

bitpim-announce mailing list

This list contains announcements of new versions of BitPim. It is very low traffic.

bitpim-user mailing list

This list is for users of BitPim. Please direct your issues, questions and comments to this list. This list is read by several hundred people (including all the developers), so please ensure that your posts are on topic and courteous. If you are posting a question, please ensure you have followed the support guidelines which will take you through what information needs to be collected and how to present it so you will get a good response to your first post.

bitpim-developer mailing list

This list is for discussions about and people making technical contributions to BitPim and general chitchat amongst the developers. Please include the phone in the subject.

Project Maintainer

The project maintainer is Joe Pham You should only contact him if you have equipment or cables for the project, or for similar project related issues. All other communication should be directed to the mailing lists above. There are support procedures listed.

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