No support on bitpim-user

If you cannot get BitPim working with your phone, then do not post to any of the BitPim mailing lists. You will be pointed at this page without any other answer.

Quite simply far too many people had driver issues (we didn't supply those), cable issues (we didn't supply those), operating system issues (we didn't supply that) or general computer issues (we didn't supply that either). The BitPim developers and users have never provided support for those (we didn't supply them!) although we tried a bit (we can't see your computer from here).

Unfortunately several people felt that they were entitled to support, were under no obligation to follow any of the existing documentation, and otherwise just ranted and raved. This merely served to put useless messages on the list with a lot of inflammatory insulting language.

Ultimately we just got sick and tired of it. So while you may be a nice person, actually follow instructions, and realise that no-one is under any obligation to you, it has all been ruined by those earlier people. We are not interested in finding out if you are one of the exceptions.

You are welcome to cruise the archives to see how this situation arose.

And you will just have to go elsewhere to get your issue addressed. Once you have BitPim talking to your phone, then we would love to hear from you.

BitPim Online Help built 17 January 2010