BitPim TODO list

Blue: Completed.

Orange: Being worked on.

Red: Not active.

Components/Summary Who intends to work on it Detailed description
New Calendar GUI and data structure    
Time Handling   Deal with timezones. All current code just uses localtime and gets lucky.
Add support for calendar   Only Replace All is available at the moment
Outlook Calendar import and export    
Evolution Calendar import and export    
iCal/vCal Calendar import    
iCal/vCal Calendar export    
Export phonebook to Outlook CSV    
Add support for wallpaper and ringtone   Only Replace All is available at the moment
Deal with unsupported image or ringer formats coming from the phone    
phone video download support   Phone videos are being downloaded along with images
Extracting QCP audio stream from video files   The movies usually use MPEG4 video with QCP audio. The QCP audio stream needs to be extracted so that it can be converted to something more useful using pvconv.
Ability for user to change origin field (wallpaper/ringtones)   This allows the user to make files be placed elsewhere on the phone.
Format selection based on origin   The code needs to select and update the format of media files based on origin or user changes to the origin. This includes changing resolution.
Ringtone format conversion    
Extract duration from QCP files   The duration of QCP files needs to be worked out. This requires an understanding of the file formats, and grovelling in the data within.
Lazy read/write for Brew files Roger Currently we read files from the filesystem even if we have a perfectly good copy. We also overwrite files with exactly the same content.
Deal with character set issues to/from the phones   Things currently work fine for ASCII. We need to deal with non-ascii characters.
Identify correct Unicode charsets for individual phone models All Things currently work fine for ASCII. We need to deal with non-ascii characters.
Plain text import/export of database   This is to allow backup and restore of the database
Storing Python objects in the database   Python objects could be stored in the database using pickling. This won't be needed until it is needed as it will make the database non-human readable.
Removing dependency on DSV Joe There is a native Python CSV module in Python 2.3+. The DSV module has more functionality such as being able to guess if the first row is a header and guessing delimiters. Unfortunately it isn't maintained any more and has some bugs. So we'll convert to the native module.
Getting the hexviewer to also edit data    
Sprint Samsung calendar issues Stephen Already happened events should be written if phone has room.
Sprint Samsung wallpaper writing Stephen Wallpaper write support is needed. It a matter of figuring out the acceptable image size and color depth.
Sprint Samsung ringtone/wallpaper assignment Stephen Unlike A620, the A740/A840 can accept assignment of contacts to builtin ringers/images.
Statistics display Stephen Some kind of way for the user to find out statistics of hist data. i.e. number of contacts, number of calendar entries, etc. Either as part of each panel or a dedicated statistics panel.
File dates   When files are grabbed from the phone and then placed on the host filesystem, the date should be set to be the same as it was on the phone.
Database data items deletion   (Automatically ?) delete old BitPim data items from the database.
Capability to store list entities   something along the line of { 'key1': [ { 'key2': [ item1, item2, ..] }, ... ] }
Recurrent calendar events that span more than 1 day Joe May need 2 separate end dates: one for the duration of each recurrence, and one for the overall event.
MERGE Calendar Import data Joe Allow users to optionally view the import data changes and merge them into BitPim.
Auto port notification on Linux Joe Using HotPlug and udev, notify BitPim when a phone is connected or disconnected.

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