Other Sanyo Phones

Unless otherwise specified, only Sanyo Phones issued by Sprint PCS are supported by BitPim

What works

The phonebook and calendar are supported on the SCP-4900, RL-4920, SCP-5300, SCP-5400 (RL2500), SCP-5500 (VM4500), SCP-7200 (RL2000), SCP-7300 (RL7300), MM-7400, SCP-8100 (Sprint and Bell Mobility versions), PM-8200 and MM-8300. The filesystem on all of these phones, except for the MM-8300 is supported.

Transfer of wallpapers and ringers from the phone to BitPim is supported for the RL-4920, SCP-5400, SCP-5500, SCP-7300, MM-7400, SCP-8100, PM-8200 and MM-8300. BitPim will also transfer camera pictures from the SCP-5500, MM-7400, SCP-8100, PM-8200 and MM-8300

Wallpaper/camera/ringer transfers from the phone to BitPim are not supported for the SCP-4900, SCP-5300 and SCP-7200 as these phones do not have this capability.

BitPim can transfer ringers and images to all supported Sanyo phones. Only PNG and MIDI files may be sent to the phones. QCP and other format ringers can not be transferred to the phone. This is a limitation of the phone, not BitPim. See the Ringer/Wallpaper section of the Sanyo notes for further information.

FAQs and support

Please see the Model Specific Notes for manuals and other specific information about the various Sanyo phones.


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