Model Specific Notes

SPH-A620 (VGA1000), SPH-A660, SPH-A740, SPH-A840 (Sprint)

BitPim can read and write the phonebook and calendar. Wallpaper and ringers can be read and written to the phone. For phones with cameras, pictures and videos are read with the wallpaper.

Many of these Samsung models are also available from carriers other than Sprint in the Americas. While these phones are not officially supported by BitPim, many of the capabilities may work. In many cases, the phonebook and calendar can be transferred, but media (photos, wallpaper, ringers) transfer does work.

These phones have a limit of 300 numbers, urls and emails. There is an internal counter of numbers, urls of emails. This counter can become corrupted (particularly in BitPim version 0.7.26), such that the phone thinks that there are more numbers on the phone than there actually are. This then limits how many numbers can be saved to the phone. The only way to reset this counter to a correct value is to wipe the phonebook and rewrite it. The phonebook can be wiped using an option in the phones security menu. Make sure you have good backup of the phonebook.

Ringer and wallpaper assignments for phonebook entries are not preserved when writing the phonebook to the phone.

SPH-A840 on Telus (Canada)

BitPim supports the phonebook and calendar on this phone. Groups are not read or restored. Email addresses and "Other" entries are not saved to the phone. The default number for a given contact may sometimes change on saving the phonebook.


BitPim can read and write the phonebook and calendar on this older Sprint phone. The phone does not support up/downloading of ringtones and wallpaper and does not have a filesystem. The phone can go into an odd state after writing the phonebook to the phone. The internal LCD screen may be blank even though the phone is on. Power cycling the phone may be sufficient to restore the phone to normal operation. If this doesn't help, remove and replace the battery.


Only reading the phonebook is supported for this phone.

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