LG PM225

What works


Phonebook support  includes the ability to retrieve contact data and upload contact data. Speed dial, image icons and ring tone assignments can be assigned to individual contacts.


Images can be retrieved and sent to the "Saved to Phone" section. The PM-225 automatically down converts these images to a resolution of 160x120 when saved to that section from the phone menu. Conversely, images sent to the phone can be resized with the BitPim image interface. Access to higher resolution pictures are available from the file system view. (Dcam/review) Simply select the image and choose save. It is not recommended to delete images with the file system view.


Ring tones can be stored in Mp3 MIDI, or Qualcomm's QCP format. While QCP tends to use less less space this comes at loss in quality when pertaining to audio files that do not predominantly feature voices. The mp3 format can provide superior quality, but when playing from the phone it will not repeat. It is recommended that the length be around 30 seconds if you wish to exploit the full length of playtime before the call is directed to voice mail.

To obtain the tools necessary for QCP audio files please visit:


Note: To bypass the built in audio converter simply hold ctrl+shift when selecting "Add" on the ringers section.


File system view is fully supported, please be careful when making changes at this level!

Call History

Call history retrieval is fully supported. Incoming, outgoing, and missed histories should display properly. Deleting call history from BitPim is not supported at this time.


The SMS feature in BitPim does not support pictures or sounds in messages. If a message contains one of these it will be silently ignored and only the text part of the message will be shown.


BitPim refers to the notepad section of the PM225 as Memo. These can be added or removed using BitPim. Notepad can be accessed via "Menu -> Tools -> Notepad" from the PM225. Memos simply contain a subject and some text. The subject will identify the memo in the phone.


Calendar entries are fully editable with BitPim. To access your calendar entries simply access your scheduler from "Menu -> Tools -> Scheduler" and review or edit entries.


BitPim can autodetect this phone if it is connected to the PC via a USB cable.

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